We provide a comprehensive stove fitting service with safety in mind that ensures a long life for your stove, provides ongoing efficient heating, and delivers an easy method of future maintenance.

It is vitally important that the fitting of a stove is carried out in the correct manner. Incorrectly fitted stoves pose many risks, due to the possibility of dangers of harmful gasses escaping into the home. It is extremely dangerous to take shortcuts in the installation process.

Fitting stoves requires experience, knowledge of the regulations, common sense, and a realisation of the danger a badly fitted stove can create. It is essential to be aware of the danger as carbon monoxide leaks can kill and does so on a regular basis from badly installed appliances. There is also the danger of fire occurring through badly fitted stoves.

Our stove fitting service employs the following step by step procedure:

  1. We clean the chimney and ensure there is an adequate air supply.
  2. We conduct a camera survey and pressurised smoke test to ensure the flues are gas tight and free from cracks and other damage such as faulty construction.
  3. Should there be any damage or leaks found, we will reline the chimney to ensure safe future use.
  4. We build a soot chamber over the stove in the chimney breast and fit a cleaning access door. The access door can be completely hidden by covering it with a picture or a mirror.If the cleaning door is not fitted, sweeping of the chimney can be problematic, as it is usually not possible to get the head of the sweeping brush out through the stove and into the flue way without dislodging the stove from its position. Also, if a cleaning door is not fitted the side and back fire cheeks would need to be removed and usually have to be replaced which would incur a further cost every time the chimney is cleaned.In order to avoid this, some chimney sweeps clean the chimney from the chimney stack down. This is only suitable if the diameter of the liner is the same size as the outlet on the stove and correctly and securely attached. Otherwise the pressure from the sweeping will loosen the connections making the chimney installation unsafe.A soot chamber and cleaning access door eliminates the above problems and ensures safe long term use of your stove.
  5. On installing a stove we supply and fit a carbon monoxide detector as a further level of protection for you and your family.