Chimney Repairs

We know how important it is to keep your family warm in winter and how dangerous it can be to leave damaged chimneys unrepaired. Meehan Chimney Repairs Services is to keep your home and business safe and warm while guaranteeing professional and affordable work that will maintain the aesthetic beauty of your building

The need for chimney repairs could arise due to a number of many reasons. These reasons are usually a result of excessive water vapour which leads to corrosion inside the flue and could lead to blocked flues, or a result of a poor draft. Today, chimneys are usually neglected, leaving them as one of the most mis-diagnosed systems. Common repairs are done inside the firebox and on the roof. This is because of the harsh heat of direct flames which deteriorates the mortar and brick within the firebox. Eventually, certain repairs require just a little service, while some require extensive repairs, with water damage top of the list.

Work Under Construction

We are the best at what we do, and we are happy to share our expertise and knowledge with homeowners who need our advice today and may require our specialist chimney services tomorrow.

2) Free Chimney Inspection: We provide a free call-out chimney inspection service

3) CCTV Camera Surveys: Where necessary we conduct CCTV Surveys of chimneys, chimney lining & flues.

4) Damage diagnosis: We diagnose the actual cause of the chimney problems or damage

5) The Best Solutions: